Targeted Interventions to Prevent Chronic Low Back Pain in High Risk Patients (TARGET)

Project Summary

PI(s): Anthony Delitto, PhD, PT, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC

Site PI(s): Stephen Wegener, PhD, ABPP, Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System

Purpose: Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent and disabling conditions for which people seek health care in the US, with a large proportion of patients initially seeking care from their primary care providers (PCPs).

Goal(s): This study will compare common, pragmatic, evidence-based, and patient-centered approaches to the treatment of acute LBP within the PCP environment, with the objective of reducing the proportion of people with acute LBP who progress to chronic LBP.

Study Design: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

At each of the five regional study sites, 12 primary care clinics will be assigned randomly to either (1) PCP standard of care informed by best practices or (2) PCP care plus prompt referral to evidence-based psychologically-informed physical therapy (PT). A secondary prospective, observational cohort study will be conducted for those patients presenting with acute LBP deemed to be at low or medium risk for progression to chronic LBP. These patients will receive guideline-informed PCP care and not be targeted for any specific study intervention.

Study Sites:

  • University of Pittsburgh, UPMC
  • Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • Medical University of South Carolina

Sponsor: PCORI

Coordinating Center: University of Pittsburgh

How to participate: To be eligible to participate, your primary care physician group must be one of the participating clinics.

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