MyPaTH Story Booth


  • Kathleen McTigue, MD, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, PaTH CDRN


  • To implement MyPaTH Story booth sequentially in the different PaTH health systems in a manner that is informed by patients, smoothly integrated with normal health system functions, and satisfactory to participants.
  • To generate a searchable archive of patient and caregiver narratives.
  • To develop a method for categorizing patient and caregiver narratives collected by the Story Booth.
  • To support health researchers’ use of patient and caregiver narratives in formulating patient-centered research questions and demonstrating the utility of a patient narrative archive in clinical research initiatives. In doing so, PaTH will not only support specific research projects, but also be positioned to improve and extend the Story Booth method, should it be determined to be a feasible and acceptable means of engaging stakeholders by participants and partnering health system sites.
  • To facilitate connections between individuals who have real-world insights and experience with health care or health care delivery and health researchers.

Study Design: Descriptive. Observational. A single story from each participant will be analyzed using a qualitative mixed methods approach.

PaTH Partners:

  • Johns Hopkins University

Sponsor: PCORI

Coordinating Center: Pitt

How to participate: If you’re interested in sharing your story, you can contact the story booth team at

Listen to Patient Stories Here

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