Patient partners at the PaTH Network have expressed the need for us to focus more on maternal health, and one way we are addressing this important health issue is through a new workgroup led by Dr. Seuli Brill. Dr. Brill is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Director of the Center for Health Outcomes in Medicine Scholarship and Service (HOMES), and a Section Chief of Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Needless to say, she is a very qualified clinician and researcher, and we are delighted to have her working with the PaTH Network.

We asked Dr. Brill about this new workgroup; read her response below!

Why have you chosen to focus on maternal and child health?

As a Med-Peds doctor (dual boarded in internal medicine and pediatrics), I see the downstream impact of systemic health disparities on individual mothers and their infants. Engaging in maternal child health research allows me to advocate for my patients on a larger scale. I also love the inter-generational impact of maternal child health research.

What do you hope will come out of this workgroup?

There is such a wealth of maternal child health expertise within PaTH institutions. Many PaTH institutions are doing exciting work in this space, such as severe maternal morbidity risk prediction, development of innovative MCH health care models and prenatal health care access policy development. This workgroup allows us to collaboratively harness this expertise. I hope this workgroup will generate investigator initiated, patient informed MCH research and enhanced infrastructure within PaTH. The workgroup also plans to identify immediate and short-term collaborative strategies, pursue extramural funding, and promote career growth for participating faculty across the PaTH network.

What funding opportunities exist for this research focus?

PCORI Capacity Building Engagement Award

Who are the participants in the MCH workgroup?

We are excited about the initial response to our outreach and are hoping that as the word gets out and interest grows, more faculty and research staff from our PaTH network institutions will join our collaborative pursuits. We have a solid start with the majority of institutions represented, and as we establish a regular meeting cadence and schedule, we expect those numbers to grow and expand to include community partners and patient advocates from across the network. We hope that this MCH workgroup can serve aa a pilot to guide development of future PaTH workgroups.

Ohio State University – Seuli Brill, Rachel D’Amico, Norah Crossnohere, Erin Chandler

Geisinger Health System – Lisa Bailey-Davis, Dhanya Mackeen

Johns Hopkins University – Maya Venkataramani, Wendy Bennett, Michelle Ogunwole

Penn State University – Wenke Hwang, Carrie Daymont, Kristin Sznajder

Temple University – Sharon Herring, Christy Santoro, Oshun Family Center/Saleemah McNeil

University of Pittsburgh – Megan Hamm

University of Michigan – April Wyncott

How often do you meet?

Monthly, every 4th Thursday, 2:00-2:45pm.

How can others join this workgroup if they’re interested?

Email Erin Chandler for information or to be added to the workgroup meetings.

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