Using PCORnet® to Compare Blood Pressure Control Strategies: COVID 19 and Antihypertensive Medication Use Supplement

Study PI(s): Mark Pelcher, University of California San Francisco; Madalaine Faulkner, University of California San Francisco; Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, University of Florida

Project Summary: This individual-level randomized control trial (RCT), conceived and led in partnership with patients, will recruit patients with an elevated systolic blood pressure (SBP) at their last ambulatory care visit and provide free home blood pressure (BP) monitoring devices with randomly allocated device type (Bluetooth-enabled versus standard). Researchers will measure patient-prioritized outcomes including demonstrated attainment of patient's personal BP goal, self-reported belief that doctor is using accurate measurements to adjust medications, device ease and frequency of use, and quality of shared decision-making. Outcomes will be compared overall and within subgroups including lower income patients, African-American and Hispanic patients.

Study Design: Multi-CRN Data-only Observational

PaTH Partners:

  • University of Pittsburgh (Kathleen McTigue, Site PI)
  • Penn State University (Cynthia Chuang, Site PI)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Harold Lehmann, Site PI)
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