Daily24: Studying the Impact of Timing of Eating on Weight Using A Mobile Application

Project Summary: We are exploring whether the mistiming of caloric intake relative to normal circadian rhythm contributes to obesity and adverse cardiometabolic outcomes. Therefore, aligning behaviors (eating, sleeping) with circadian rhythm will improve cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes. We are looking for people to test a new mobile application (app) called Daily24 to help us study the relationship between timing of eating / sleeping and weight.


  • Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH

Purpose: Johns Hopkins has been chosen by the American Heart Association as one of the Strategically Focused Obesity Research Networks to investigate the effects of time-restricted feeding on obesity and cardiometabolic outcomes, through the conduct of a basic, clinical and population project.

Goal(s): 1.To optimize the functionality, usability and behavioral aspects of the Daily24 app. 2.To conduct a population-based cohort study over 6 months of 1,000 patients to assess association between windows of eating and weight.

Study Design: a population based cohort study (Compass Cohort) of 1000 overweight or obese participants enrolled from 3 of the health systems within the PaTH Clinical Research Network: The University of Pittsburgh, Geisinger Health System, Johns Hopkins Health System.

PaTH Partners: The University of Pittsburgh, Geisinger Health System, & the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Sponsor: American Heart Association

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