Understanding and Improving Routine Vaccination Uptake Among Black Patients with Chronic Conditions

PI(s): Tiffany Gary-Webb, Kathleen McTigue, and Tamar Krishnamurti, University of Pittsburgh

Project Summary: Researchers want to understand the reasons why many Black Americans lack confidence in routine vaccines (influenza, pneumococcal, COVID-19) and what barriers they may face to accessing vaccines. Specifically, this study focuses on vaccine-eligible adults with high risk due to chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease). Researchers will use electronic health record and health plan data to develop a predictive model and implement a comprehensive enterprise approach to educating and activating patients and providers. Surveys and interviews will supplement quantitative data to inform the implementation phase, where interventions will aim to increase vaccine uptake that can be scaled and replicated at other leading health systems.

Researchers will look at benefits and side effects not just overall, but also by gender, age, ethnicity, and race, as well as in patients with medical conditions in addition to heart disease, such as diabetes. It’s a far cry from traditional studies that assess what works for the “average” patient.

Study Design: Mixed methods of aggregate query, survey and interview data, REMAP-designed intervention

PaTH Partners:

  • Johns Hopkins University (Dan Ford, Site PI)
  • Temple University (Anuradha Paranjape, Site PI)

Sponsor: Industry

Coordinating Center: University of Pittsburgh

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