Using PCORnet to Understand PCSK9 Inhibitor Use Among Patients at Risk for Heart Disease

PI(s): Rhonda Cooper-Dehoff, University of Florida

Project Summary: Statins are the medicine used most often to lower cholesterol. Medicines called PCSK9 inhibitors became available recently. These medicines lower cholesterol but are not yet used widely. This rapid-response project assessed PCSK9 inhibitor use in PCORnet-affiliated health systems. Researchers looked at electronic health record (EHR data) from 18 health systems, including 4,081,535 patients who fit into one of three risk groups for heart disease. The team collected information about patients’ health, health problems, risk factors for heart disease, prescriptions, and whether patients used medicines to lower cholesterol.

The researchers found that healthcare providers wrote more prescriptions for PCSK9 inhibitors over time for patients with coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease than for patients in the other groups. Prescriptions remained low and did not change over time for patients with high cholesterol or a family history of high cholesterol.

PaTH Partner:

  • Geisinger Health System (Les Kirchner, Site PI)
  • Johns Hopkins University (John William (Bill) McEvoy, Site PI)
  • Univesity of Pittsburgh (Kathleen McTigue, Site PI)
  • University of Utah (Rachel Hess, Site PI) [former PaTH site]

Study Design: Multi-CRN Data only Observational

Sponsor: PCORI®

Coordinating Center: University of Pittsburgh

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