Implementation of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement in Routine Clinical Practice for Heart Failure Patients in PCORnet

PI(s): Justin M. Bachmann, MD, MPH, FACC, Vanderbilt University, VUMC

PaTH Protocol PI(s): Marc Simon, MD, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC

Purpose: The systematic collection of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in routine clinical practice has profound potential to accelerate patient-centered care and research, allowing providers and health care systems to focus in real time on outcomes that matter most to patients. This project focuses on studying the implementation of PROMs in routine clinical care for patients with heart failure and conducting cross-institutional analyses of PROM data. We hope to determine the feasibility and sustainability of measuring PROMs at the point of service and integrating these data into the electronic health record as well as the PCORnet Clinical Data Model (CDM) Patient Reported Outcome Common Measures (PRO_CM) table.

Goal(s): (Aim 1): Evaluate the implementation of routine patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in heart failure clinics across multiple institutions with the EpicĀ® electronic health record and PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM). (Aim 2): Evaluate the generalizability of patients with and without heart failure PROMs by conducting a CDM PopMedNet query of heart failure outpatients at participating sites. (Aim 3): Using data from the CDM PopMedNet query, conduct descriptive analytics on PROM data among the three participating institutions. (Aim 3a): The association of KCCQ-12 summary scores with markers of heart failure disease severity. (Aim 3b): The association of KCCQ-12 summary scores with demographic characteristics of patients hospitalized within the prior 30 days. (Aim 3c): The association of clinician review of KCCQ-12 summary scores <50 with intensification of diuretic therapy after outpatient clinic visits.

Study Design: Systematic collection of PROMs in clinical care and analysis of PROM data using the PCORnet CDM PRO_CM table.

PCORnet Partners:

  • Vanderbilt University, VUMC
  • Duke University, DUMC

PaTH Partners:

  • University of Pittsburgh, UPMC
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