Meet PaTH: Dr. H. Lester Kirchner

Dr. Lester Kirchner with his wife Carrie and sons Cole (now 12) and Grant (now 15) on their trip to Alaska.

H. Lester Kirchner, PhD, knew since high school that he wanted to be a biostatistician, so it’s hardly a surprise that today he’s the director of the Biostatistics Core at Geisinger Health System, leads PaTH’s data and informatics at the Geisinger site, and acts as the Geisinger PaTH Principal Investigator.

“I have a longstanding relationship with the Health Care System Research Network (HCSRN) and thus understand the complexities and rewards of collaborating with large networks,” says Dr. Kirchner. “After PaTH was successfully renewed, Geisinger was able to join the network, and it has been a great partnership ever since.”

When Dr. Kirchner’s not working in biostatistics and informatics, you’re likely to find him at his 12- and 15-year-old sons’ soccer games or practicing piano…maybe.

“One of my lifelong goals is to learn to play the piano,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t set the time aside yet.”

Dr. Kirchner says this summer he’s looking forward to spending time with his family and travelling.

“Each summer we have a weeklong camping trip with my wife’s family. It doubles as a reunion. We also do a few long weekend trips, [like to] Washington, DC.”

Dr. Kirchner also hopes to take a bigger vacation at some point.

“I had the opportunity to take an Alaskan cruise two years ago. For the longest time that was my dream vacation,” he says. “My next one is to travel around Scotland visiting as many distilleries as I can. I am a scotch snob!”

Lester Kirchner’s Favorites
Movie: Clash of the Titans (the original 1981 release)
TV Show: Dukes of Hazard
Band: Blondie
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